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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Get Ready To Rumble!!!

Johnny: "Stay Gold" I love this quote because in a way it could encourage people by saying this. In this Outsiders Johnny said this quote to Ponyboy because Johnny knew that he was going to die soon. Ponyboy is Johnny's favorite. In the story not long ago Johnny was saving four little boys from a burning church. In this procedure he was severely burnt and broke a bone. This put Johnny in the hospital for a bit. Johnny wanted to go to the rumble so badly that he escaped the hospital. Even though he was severely injured he proceeded. Johnny couldn't handle it anymore in the rumble. He knew he didn't have a long till he was dead and this was when he said to Ponyboy "Stay Gold"

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Tonight I read a different book, the book was Lemony Snicket by Little Brown I really like this book because I could really relate it to Graveyard Shift. Because The main character hides his real identity he has no friends or isn't social just like Ben!!! Although it's like Graveyard Shift I don't think I'll last long reading it the book isn't that entertaining. And I really don't understand it. But I think is going to happen next is that the main character is going to get to his destination without any trouble or interferences. In the story the author still haven't told us what his trying to reach.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dude Where's Your Dad?

Today I read Graveyard Shift by Chris Westwood. The past days they haven't been talking about Ben's dad as much as before. Before I thought that Ben was gonna see his dad super soon but that wasn't the case i've been waiting weeks to hear Ben's dad name again in the story but I haven't heard nothing about him. I think we haven't heard nothing about him is because the author wanted us to think that we were gonna see his dad. But there's no sign for him at all so far. Im sure it got all the readers hyped up for the story. I think the whole story is going to be based on Ben trying to find his dad. Ben thinks his gonna find his dad super fast. But I don't think that is the case.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

New Part In Ben's Life?

Tonight I read Graveyyard Shift by Chris Westwood. Last time I thought a Kelly Ben's new friend was a bad person this is what I thought for a long time. Because Ben is very different from the other kids ver different in fact. So why would Kelly want to be Ben's friend? Today I found out why Kelly wants to be friends with Ben. It's because Kelly is different as well, she hides her real identity like Ben. She goes to places at night that no one knows. And so Kelly feels she met someone who means a lot to her that's just like her not like other people and that's what Ben is to Kelly.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Why So Lonely?

Tonight I read Graveyard Shift by Chris Westwood in the story Ben has never talked with anyone one else except for Mr. October and Kelly. Ben is super lonely because he's not like the other kids he's different. He does his own things on his own time like grafity and go to the Graveyard. So other kids don't know nothing about Ben they probably don't even know he exists. In the story Ben had a question why would Mr. October choose Ben over anyone else. Tonight I figured it out it's because Ben is lonely so that is good for Mr. October's job because they hunt bountys and if someone knew Ben that would expose Mr. October.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ben What Are You Hiding?

Tonight I read Graveyard Shift by Chris Westwood. Yesterday they introduced a new character but the author siding put her name. Ben was the one asking the girl questions. But today Kelly was the one asking questions. Kelly has been trying to trick Ben to tell his secret that only Kelly knows the author haven't said how she knows. But what I think is that she knows because Mr. Pctobers job since they hunt bountys they probably know where everyone is. The question Kelly was asking were very personal, for example Who are you Ben? Where's your Dad? I think she isint what Ben thinks she is. I think that she came from another job to ruin Ben's life. I think this because Ben has no friends and why would she want to. After all she goes to same school and until now she starts talking with Ben a lot. What I think is going to happen next is that Ben is gonna find out what she's trying to do.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ben's New Friend?

Tonight I read Graveyard Shift by Chris Westwood. Today Ben met a new friend the author still has not put her name in the story. I think this character is going to be a huge part in Ben's life. Because Ben has no friends so far in the story, except for Mr. October although I wouldn't call him a friend. Ben's new friend also works with Mr. October and she goes to Ben's school. Her and Ben are perfect friends because they both have no friends. The girl doesn't work for just Mr. October she works for another person, and she offered a job to work with her. At this moment Ben dosent know what's going on in his life. And he's confused more then ever in his life.